Sheet for pastille for dryer Ezidri Ultra FD1000


Sheet for pastille for your dryer is needed!

  • Ezidri pastille sheet will help you easily prepare an exclusive product and enjoy it with your family and friends - even every day!
  • Ezidri pastille sheet is used for making bread, biscuits, chips, chop, sweets.
  • If you plan to make pastille, we recommend taking as many sheets as you have pallets. This way you can load the entire dryer with pastille.

See below for a detailed description.

Real Google reviews from our customers:

Pastille sheet for your Ezidri Ultra FD1000 Digital dryer

    • Would you say that one sheet is already included with the dryer? But why deny yourself the opportunity to cook even more pastille - after all, there is never too much good!
    • It will be enough for you to prepare the puree and pour it on the sheet, the dryer will do the rest.
    • Also, sheet is used for making bread, cookies, chips, chop, sweets. You can dry some types of fruits (kiwi, watermelon, strawberries).
    • Let us tell you a secret that it is more convenient to dry greens on this sheets.
    • The sheet is easy to clean, does not smell of plastic (because it is made of safe food material) and ideally fits under the Ezidri Ultra FD1000 Digital model dryer. Sheet diameter - 34 cm.
    • Important: the pastilles sheets must not be washed under hot water and rubbed with a hard sponge, otherwise the top layer will be erased, scratches will appear and the product will begin to stick. Just soak the sheets in warm water - they are easy to clean.

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