Dries evenly

The patented “Ezidri” special air supply system ensures that your products dry evenly on all trays. The smell of the dried products do not mix, so you can dry different products at the same time.

You can dry even more

Only with the “Ezidri” dryer is it possible to increase the amount of products to be dried by purchasing additional trays. With the Ultra FD1000 you can purchase up to 30 additional pallets. You will not need to dry your products longer and save electricity.

Different temperature modes

You can easily adjust the temperature of any dryer model and set the temperature from +35 ° C to +65 ° C: fixed “Snackmaker” mode modes and easy Ultra manual adjustment. You can automatically control the selected temperature mode by setting the automatic mode.

You can even make candy

The unique features of “Ezidri” dryers ensure that you can make natural and healthy candies from fruit puree even at home. This will allow you to make special plastic trays.

High quality and safe to use plastic

You can be sure that all components of the appliance that come into contact with your products during drying are made from safe materials only. The plastic used does not give off any smell even when heated very strongly. The dryer you purchase will not change it’s shape, as is often the case with conventional dryers.

Available around the clock

You do not need to monitor the “Ezidri” dryer 24 hours a day. The device is designed to run 24 hours, 7 days a week. Studies at our service center have confirmed that you can use the dryer for 10 months without switching it off. The manufacturer's tests have shown that the “Ezidri” can be used for three years.

Safe to use

“Ezidri” is equipped with special protection mechanisms to help you avoid unusual situations. If the mains voltage rises, foreign objects accidentally get into the dryer, or if the dryer still overheats, it will simply switch off automatically.

 Ezidri dryer